On February 19th, we were proud to place the first brick in the second phase of our project Casas Hope. We gathered with more families affected by the June 3, 2018 volcano eruption who will be receiving new homes. We were also joined by many of our donors to celebrate the hope that will come with starting new lives far from the danger of the volcano. The new phase of construction will consist of 12 new homes on a piece of land in the area of Parramos. The ceremony consisted of sharing between our founder, Carolina, our team members in Guatemala, our partner organizations and some words from the families. The construction process has been continuing with the masons and families working hard to complete the houses. We are very thankful for the help of our donors and supporters who make this all possible and are exited to keep building for these families who lost everything. Funds are still needed to finish the following phases of this project, so we ask for continued support to be able to keep doing what we do best – building better lives in Guatemala. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project!

The Olayo Family

The family of Mayra Elizabeth lives in the area of San Pedro Las Huertas near the city of Antigua. They live in a house that is made of a combination of sheet metal, wood, cardboard, and nylon with a dirt floor. They live in 2 small rooms between Mayra, her husband Jose, and her 3 children Cristian, Trinidad, and Jose. Every day Mayra works selling different food items in front of her house, while her husband works in the fields, and during the harvest seasons works on coffee farms.

This family is in need of a new house and we need your help to raise money to build them a new home. With 5 people in the family they will need a 3 room house and a proper bathroom. With your help they could have a safe and healthy home. They would no longer have to worry about the cold and damp conditions in their old house. The dirt floors and water that enters the house make the growth of bacteria much greater, but with a real concrete floor and a new roof on the block house, they would live healthier and happier, with a new home to be proud of. Please help us help them by raising donations that will help this family build their new house.


There are so many ways to make a difference in the world. With Constru Casa you can change the lives of families by helping provide them with a new, safe home to live in. Volunteering is a great way to learn a new culture, language, and new skills. Our volunteers work alongside a team of masons and the family receiving the house, to build a block house or maybe a community center. The experience of volunteering with Constru Casa is unforgettable. You will meet new people and be interacting with the families and masons which gives an uncomparable cultural experience. By the end of the construction time, the volunteers can create a special bond with the recipient family and can visit the houses that they built in the past when they come back to work with Constru Casa. Volunteering is for everyone of all ages, so email us at voluntario@construcasa.org and get your volunteer information, we will be happy to have you with us in Guatemala to help build better lives!