Ecological Housing

Compared to most construction methods, Constru Casa’s homes are built in a more ecologically friendly manner. The construction method that is used by Constru Casa is quicker, safer, and material-saving. Instead of pouring concrete columns, which is commonly seen in concrete constructions, Constru Casa uses a pin system. A pin system creates the columns out of vertically installed rebar every 80 cm. This uses less concrete as well as eliminates the need for wooden forms, while shortening the project duration and providing an anti-seismic design to each construction. The siding of the houses is made of a clay based stucco using significantly less concrete than most constructions. On top of the building design, there are options for the families to receive eco-friendly improvements to their home depending on the individual donations.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the eco-friendly options that you can donate to a family when they receive a new block home.  A solar pannel not only lowers their impact on the environment, it also lowers their electricity cost which is the most expensive utility in Guatemala.

Rain Barrels

Many families receive gutters on the roof of their new home to collect rain water but not all have a large recipient to store the water. The Rain barrel provides the families with a clean place to store their water and can hold up to 264 Gallons of water. These rain barrels also have an interior coating that kills bacteria therefore it is not necessary to clean the barrel as often and provides the family with cleaner water. As with the solar panel, the rain barrel decreases their expenses for water, and for some families without water, they don’t have to carry water from their local water source.

Recycled Pallet Doors

There are options for doors made of treated recycled industrial pallets. One main goal in providing a more eco-friendly influence, is the encouragement of reusing and recycling. The wooden doors still provide safety and stability, they are just made with a treated pallet. You could provide a family with a more esthetic, eco-friendly door.

Efficient Stoves

Donors have an option to buy a new stove for the families. They are efficient wood burning stoves. With these stoves, the family consumes less fire wood and therefore dedicates either less time collecting firewood, or less money if they buy the wood. Since many families cook over an open fire, the stove also has a chimney so that they are no longer inhaling smoke and risking their health. A stove costs $160

Water Filters

Many families receive water filters, as the lack of clean water is a huge problem in Guatemala. These filters are comprised of 2 buckets and a cylindrical filter that passes the dirty water from the top bucket and releasing crystal clear water into the bottom bucket. These filters unlike many, can last for 10 years with regular cleaning. A water filter costs $75. 

Beneficial Plants

To top off the ecological style of Constru Casa homes, the families can receive a fruit bearing plant. The most common plant is a lime tree. One of the main condiments for food in Guatemala is Lime and having their own lime tree is very convenient. The green tree also gives a vibrant color outside their new home to start their new life and to often be the first component to their garden.