This year we celebrate 15 years of being the association of Constru Casa! We could never have gotten to this point without the outstanding leadership and work of our founder, Caroline Van Heerde. She began with an idea and a vision to see Guatemala without povery and with everyone living in dignified housing. Over the past 15 years she has worked with local and foreign groups of people and associations to make Constru Casa what it is today. Caroline has built relationships and created alliances with like-minded individuals and organizations to see a change in the housing crisis that is very apparent in Guatemala. We have built over 1300 homes and the construction process doesn’t stop; the number of families getting a new start with a new home keeps growing. Thank you to our supporters for making Caroline’s dream of a new Guatemala become a reality!

In Remembrance Casas HOPE

This June, we are remembering the victims of the volcano eruption of “Volcán de Fuego”. 1 year ago on June 3rd, 2018, the eruption killed hundreds of people and injured even more leaving thousands living in shelters with their homes destroyed.

Since the volcano eruption, Constru Casa has worked to ensure the reestablishment of these families in new communities with new homes. The construction process of building homes for the volcano victims was different than our normal building process with having to find and purchase the land in different communities.

It has now been a year since the process of the Casas Hope project began and we are happy to report that many families have been helped and benefitted with a house of block in a safe area, far away from the danger of the Volcano.

We have been able to provide homes for:
● 25 families
● 64 adults
● 39 children
● 103 people in total
We are so thankful to all of our donors and everyone who has supported the Casas Hope project and ask for continued support as we strive to build better lives in Guatemala.

Team Story: Keith Silverton

In May we celebrated Keith Silverton’s 3rd year anniversary of working with Constru Casa. He started out working in 2016 as a volunteer building houses. Three months later, he began working in the office and now works as Constru Casa’s Volunteer Coordinator. He has an important connection with the volunteers and has a gift for ensuring that they have a unique and impactful experience. “This time I wanted to do more than just travel. I had seen the extreme poverty that people endure here and wanted to find a way to help, first by getting my hands dirty volunteering, and now by assisting others that want to do the same. The most rewarding part of working for Constru Casa is when I have the honour of visiting the families in their new home and they tell me that we have delivered a dream. What we do is simple, but the joy and gratitude that they express is beyond words.” For more information on how to become a volunteer contact Keith at