Community Development

Constru Casa works with a large focus on the entire community. Our integral programs are designed to bring a holistic and integrated approach to the development of a community. These projects are made up of a variety of types of constructions, meaning that there will be multiple housing constructions as well as the construction of community buildings. Constru Casa works alongside the community partner organizations to find the main needs of the community and be a part of the solution.

Community Story

Partner Organization: Organization Mil Milagros
Community: Chutinamit
Municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj.

In 2010, the tropical storm “Agatha” hit Guatemala in the department of Sololá, and affected many communities. The community of Cerro Lec was evacuated by the municipal authorities due to the landslides. 22 families were left without a home and were relocated to Sand Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá to live in small plastic tents.

Support from Constru Casa:

The new community of displaced people was given the name Chutinamit and among many of their necessities was the need for dignified housing, schools, and public services. Constru Casa began working with the families in 2013, getting to know the story of the community and the families. Constru Casa’s plan was to build a home with 3 rooms and a washroom for each family. In 2014 they build 22 homes with one room and a washroom with a shower. By 2015 they had built a second room on each of the homes and in 2016 were able to build the third room on the homes to complete the project for the 22 families.

Constru Casa supported the community as well with the community constructions. In 2014 they built two classrooms, a kitchen, and three washrooms in the school. In 2015 they built the community center, patio with washing area, sports field and a park in the community.


The families now live in a secure place where they have the opportunity to develop through education. The community now has public services and recreation centers for adults and children. The families don’t suffer from sickness as often now that they are living in adequate housing conditions to have a better quality of life.