Filters and Stoves


Constru Casa offers fuel efficient stoves in co-operation with Soluciones Apropiadas. These stoves use 70% less wood and directly send smoke outside through a pipe, eliminating the negative health effects caused by open fires and smoke inhalation including respiratory illnesses, eye problems and burns (especially amongst young children). In addition to the health implication of a smoke-filled living environment, gathering firewood is a laborious and time consuming task associated with back-injuries and hernias. Yet, when firewood is purchased this places a further strain on limited budgets. A fuel efficient stove costs approximately $265 USD.


 Water filters are offered in collaboration with Sawyer Filters. Extensive research has been carried out regarding the quality of drinking water in Guatemala, and this filter has proven to be very efficient and economical in producing high-quality drinking water and reducing water-borne diseases. They have an estimated time of high quality use of 10 years.A water filter costs approximately $80 USD.Constru Casa is also working in collaboration with Ecofiltro, another type of filter, that is more economic, but it has a less estimated time of high quality use (2 years).