Impact of Our Work

Constru Casa has made a noticeable impact in the lives of the families and communities in which they have built. When a family receives a new house, it can mean a whole new beginning. It is a new space to grow their family with new opportunities. An impact report was collected in November of 2017 by Natalia A. Bermudez in regard to the effect that a new home and follow up program of Constru Casa has had on the receiving families and communities. She concluded that there has been a major change for many Guatemalan families through Constru Casa’s integrated approach to bettering the lives of those who are in need.

Well Being

Constru Casa is highly effective in improving the quality of life of Guatemalans families living in extreme poverty

Economic Conditions

Families had increased their income and standards of living. Families are more economic stable now.

Health Conditions

Families have improved their physical and mental wellness. Additionally, they are more able to pursue their personal and family goals.

Education and Human Capital

In communities where Constru Casa has developed integral initiatives, educative and human capital levels are higher than those areas where the organization offered only housing solutions.

Community Development

Areas where integral solutions were offered, families create higher level of social interaction between partner organizations and neighbors.

Follow Up Plan

Eighty-four percent of families are punctually paying the house. Better housing payment rate is seen on communities with strong community bond. Seventy-six percent of families are keeping their property neat and organized. Constant training by professional staff offering workshops on hygiene and health topics create high impact on household maintenance and hygiene habits