The Story of the Cux Family

Kevin Franisco Cux Top and Jenifer Mishel are a young couple living in the area of Sajcavilla, San Juan Sacatepequez. At the time of the construction, Kevin was 19 years old and Jenifer was 18 and their baby girl was 1.5 years old. They were living in a small sheet metal room on the property of Kevin’s Mom. Kevin works as a mechanic and Jenifer was working as a housekeeper but lost her job due to circumstances beyond her control. They had never had a block house before. Being such a young couple with a little girl poses clear challenges when it comes to supporting their small family and learning how to be parents. They were worried for the health of their daughter, as their sheet metal home provided very little protection from the elements. Water would enter during the rainy season, and they live in a colder area of Guatemala so the house provided no warmth.

The young family was able to get in contact with Constru Casa and got the opportunity to receive a new home. Now they have a single room house with a washable bathroom with a shower to be able to start their lives together. When talking to Jenifer after the construction, the excitement on her face to have her own block home was evident. They now have a warm and healthy place to raise their daughter with the safety of locks on the doors to keep them safe in the rural area where they live. They are very thankful to have a new home of their own.