How You Can Help


Volunteering at Constru Casa offers a unique cultural experience. Our volunteers share an intensive work time with the local masons, and have the opportunity to better experience the Guatemalan culture through interacting with the family that receives the new home.

Raise Fund

As a non-profit, non-government organization, the invaluable work of Constru Casa relies heavily on outside contributions. The hard work, dedication and donations provided by our supporters are integral to the functioning of Constru Casa and our ability to fulfill our mission. We encourage all our volunteers to try and raise a $500 USD /EU 450 contribution to the house they work on in Guatemala. You can contact us to get more fundraising information; additionally, if requested we are happy to supply photos and stories of the families who are waiting for their new homes. We suggest holding fundraising events and activities in which you can use the families’ stories and other information materials that Constru Casa can provide. It is important that all volunteers, fundraisers and donors understand that their contribution goes directly towards buying materials such as block and cement, or towards the labor cost of the local Guatemalan masons who assist volunteers on every construction.

Become an Ambassador

What is a Constru Casa Ambassador?

A Constru Casa Ambassador is an individual dedicated to raising awareness of Constru Casa in their home country and their mission is to bring sustainable housing and community buildings to families and communities living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. Ambassadors have a passion for our work and their passion moves them to spread awareness wherever in the world they are. Ambassadors can be a past volunteer, a future volunteer, a donor, or new to the organization. No matter their past experience with Constru Casa, all ambassadors share the desire to build better lives in Guatemala.

What does a Constru Casa Ambassador do?

  1. The ultimate goal for each Ambassador is to raise money for an entire house, one time per year, whether through their own personal fundraising or through a collaborating group.
  2. Ambassadors are encouraged to contact and work with local groups (university students, high school students, church groups) to bring on volunteer trips to Guatemala or to engage in fundraising and events.
  3. Maintains communication with Constru Casa via email or social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  4. Informs potential donors or volunteers how Constru Casa uses funds
  5. Inspires friends, family, coworkers and community members to commit their time or donations to building better lives in Guatemala.

For more information on how to become a Constru Casa Ambassador, contact us at