Building Together

Dear Friends,

This is the last newsletter of 2020 and we hope it finds you well, even in these strange times. The last few months have been difficult for Guatemala, and for the world at large. Many have not seen family or loved ones in months, and Covid-19 continues to bring global uncertainty and hardship.

However, hope lives within us all. At Constru Casa we trust that things will continue to get better as we unite and fight for a brighter tomorrow. Together, along with all our supporters, we will overcome the challenges that lie ahead. We are all part of a positive change, and together we are building better lives in Guatemala.

Current Situation in Guatemala


November was a difficult month as two Category 4 hurricanes hit Central America in a period of just two weeks.

Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua face immense challenges—hunger, loss of crops, potential outbreaks of dengue, and COVID-19—as hundreds of people are uprooted in search of safety and shelter. Although displaced, families find solace in their hope for future construction, recovery, and reconstruction of their homes.

In Guatemala alone, the hurricanes have left 60 dead, 100 missing, and 2.1 million affected—either by floods, mudslides, or interruption of roads. This time, the fragile houses made of wood and palm leaves, zinc sheet roofs, and mostly dirt floors did not withstand the strong winds.

The Constru Casa Association, in coordination with local partners in affected communities, has been monitoring and communicating with families and others on the ground in order to provide the best possible support to families in need. Community buildings, schools, and clinics have been assessed for damage, and we will continue to have important conversations on the path forward.

At Constru Casa Association we are ready to serve and support. Together, we can rebuild homes and lives. Although the houses, buildings, and streets of these communities have been severely damaged by the hurricanes, solidarity and shared empathy endure.

Let’s continue to build a network of support and unity—your donations will be instrumental in rebuilding Guatemala. Let’s join forces, and we will move forward.

Our Activity

Habitat Month

During the month of October, we were able to participate in various activities to celebrate World Habitat Day, collaborating with partners in the community of Chuaquenun, Chimaltenango to build stoves and latrines.

We thank the Constru Casa staff for their hard work, along with all the beautiful people of Chuaquenun; it was an incredible day for our team.

Words from our founder, Carolina.

Friends of Constru Casa

Thank you to all the people who have continued to support our organization through this challenging, difficult, and complicated year. I am not thinking of us as Constru Casa, I think of us as family. We will continue to work toward a world in which every family has not just a house, but a place to call home.

We hope to see happy children who can attend school in the years to come, who feel proud, and who will be the future leaders of their communities and the country.

I am very motivated to continue building better lives for Guatemala

Caroline van Heerde

“Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself.”