Dear friends of Constru Casa:

The last months have been a challenge for all of us. We’re happy that, despite the circumstances, we have been able to provide support to some extremely poor families, delivering food packages, constructing 2 houses, and fortunately been able to start several new building projects in August.

We’re keeping up our spirits and remain focused on improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations in Guatemala. Will you continue to support us?

The current situation in Guatemala

The Guatemalan president decided to loosen Guatemala’s coronavirus health and safety measures in mid-August, putting in place a “traffic light” system. Municipalities and regions are assigned red, orange, or yellow to indicate how many people are infected in an area and which measurements are required to be taken by the local and regional governments. The goal of this change is to re-open the country little by little – including restaurants, stores, and public transportation – and start to get the economy back on track.

Our team follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to prevent contamination among ourselves and the populations we serve. We can proudly say that we have not had any infections among any of our staff, including social workers, construction workers, and office personnel.

Our new projects

Thanks to our follow-up plan and partner collaborations, we have been able to help many families living in extreme poverty, who have been additionally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with food packages, personal hygiene products, and in some cases, meals.

At Constru Casa, we have had to cancel many projects that were scheduled for 2020, however, fortunately, we have managed to start the following construction projects in August, something we are very happy about:

  • Building a sports field for the community of Xepatan, thanks to contributions from several donors from Nebraska in the US
  • Constructing a protective wall to shelter girls with disabilities in Santo Domingo Xenacoj, with the help of local organization Tesoro de Dios (God’s Treasures)
  • Starting the construction for a training center for women in El Salitre, Amatitlán, thanks to contributions of the El Salitre women’s group

Words from our founder, Caroline van Heerde

“I would like to thank our partner organizations for their involvement and contributions in these difficult times, as well as the entire Constru Casa team for their continued work and dedication in these uncertain times. I am positive about our future and that we can keep building dreams together.”

Donor spotlight

The Dutch organization SKG (The Child Projects Guatemala Foundation) is one of our partner organizations that has always been concerned about the future of children with limited access to education in Guatemala. SKG has donated food packages for 60 families in 3 rural communities where we previously built schools in partnership with them.

With the support of SKG, we are currently planning the construction of a new school in San José, San Pedro Pinula. Our partner organizations Foundation Los Niños and Wilde Ganzen are also contributing to this project. We are extremely thankful to all of you for the tremendous support in these difficult times.

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