Bert Aalders


About a year ago I received an invitation from Lieke du Bois, the then chairman of the board of Constru Casa in the Netherlands, for the 15th anniversary of the organization. I was most excited about the Mariachi that was to be played at the event. I would particularly appreciate the violinist (I myself have been playing the violin for years in a salon orchestra and an orchestra that mainly performs Hungarian and Romanian folk music). The violinist that played at the anniversary party played with such convincing verve and beauty that it took my breath away. However, beyond the musicians abilities I was also touched by the speeches that were given about Constru Casa and their objectives and activities.

I was so impressed that I immediately registered as a donor. And this is where the story would have ended if I had not been approached by Lieke again in April. This time with the question of whether I would like to take over as chairman of the board. I did not have to think long about my answer, with the memory of the anniversary event still fresh in my mind, I said yes with conviction.

Since then I have met most of the people who are actively committed to the organization an have come to the conclusion that I feel at home at Constru Casa. I therefore hope to be able to dedicate myself for a long time to come to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the organization. I would like to thank Lieke for her enthusiastic commitment over the past two years, with the organization as the undisputed highlight (at least in my opinion) of the anniversary party in November of last year.