Folkert Piersma


My name is Folkert Piersma. Before Carolien went to Guatemala, we were colleagues and after she left we kept in touch. This connection made me visit Guatemala in 2005, at the end of a six-month sabbatical leave, when driving my bike from Alaska to Mexico. I was in Guatemala with my wife for about 2 weeks, had collected the money for a house and helped on the construction of it for 3 days. For most of my working life I have been active as a project manager at the Dutch Railway Company. After my retirement I want to stay active, among other things as a board member of this foundation. Helping the less fortunate people in Guatemala and especially improving their housing, education and health care conditions, it really appeals to me. As a chairman of the board, I hope to be able to contribute to the continuation and, if possible, expansion of the activities and goals for Constru Casa.