Maaike Dijkmans


I have been coming to Guatemala for more than 20 years now. For me Guatemala is still the most beautiful country on earth. Like many others, I can’t explain this, but Guatemala has something magical. At the same time, there is so much poverty, inequality and violence. Our family business, where I worked for a long time, supported various projects in Guatemala and I try to visit every year. For a long time, it always felt like I was not collaborating enough. In recent years, my work and passion are getting connected more and more. I created the Marky Foundation with the goal to get as many children as possible into school. The intention is to create more impact, year by year. In this line, it also fits to get involved as a secretary of the board of Constru Casa in The Netherlands. Together we can achieve so much more to help the poorest and most needed families in Guatemala towards a better future. I really believe this!