Marjo Crombach


In 2010 I made a trip through central America which ended with a trip to Guatemala. During my travels I visited schools and development projects. It was in this way that I learned about Constru Casa. I then went and visited several Constru Casas houses and was impressed by the quality of the structures. Living in a well-insulated house with adequate facilities make a world of difference to the families. It was a great example of on-site development work. People prefer to stay where they are rooted and grounded and so building houses for families in their communities, they do not need to seek refuge elsewhere.

After my trip I received the Constru Casa newsletter for a while, but gradually Constu Casa disappeared from sight. I have been retired since 2015, and alongside my work as a coach, trainer and writer I had been looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities. Then I saw an advertisement which showed that Constru Casa was looking for a new secretary, and so I applied and was hired by Caroline Van Heerde.

As a Dutch Scientist, the textual part of my work has been entrusted to me, but it will take a while before I feel like I truly understand everything that is going on in Constru Casa because I have not yet learned all the procedures. But I am happy to take on that challenge for an organization that has survived all kinds of weather over the past 15 years.