Transparency Statement

The work of Constru Casa in Guatemala directly depends on the donations from national and international partners.

The donations that the Association of Constru Casa receives, being from volunteers, businesses, visitors, foundations, associations, and others, go directly to a specific construction project, whether it be houses or community constructions.

Another income that covers operational costs of Constru Casa is the contribution of the families; each beneficiary family contributes a percentage of the value of the house by paying monthly throughout a maximum of 4 years, with the amount being defined by taking their economic status into account.

Constru Casa is made up of a board of directors in Guatemala and two sister organizations, one in the United States (Friends of Constru Casa) and one in The Netherlands (Stichting Constru Casa), which are the primary sources of donations.


63% Home Constructions

These funds go towards all aspects of the housing constructions, including construction materials, labor, supervision, administration, and transportation of materials

11% Community Constructions

As well as supporting the individual families presented by the partnering organizations, Constru Casa helps in community development by constructing community buildings. These include public schools, health clinics, orphanages, day centers, bakeries, special needs schools, individual classrooms, libraries and more.

8% Social Support Programs

Due to Constru Casa’s holistic focus on the construction development, we emphasize and operate through support programs related to education and health. These programs are in association with our social organizations and include programs of water filters, kitchen and latrine improvement, scholarship programs for children to attend school, education materials, medical assistance, and our “follow-up program” to educate the families and communities on how to better their overall well-being after receiving their new project of a house or community construction.

18% Operational Costs

Around 18% of our yearly spending goes to the general costs for the functioning of the Constru Casa office and organization. This includes but is not limited to the salaries of the personnel, promotional materials, office functioning costs, transportation costs, training sessions, and legal costs.