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Improving Lives Through Our Community Development Programs

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About Us

Constru Casa improves the quality of life among Guatemalans who live in extreme poverty. We support them through our community development programs, including;

– Construction of dignified concrete block houses
– Construction of community buildings (schools, clinics, and community centers)
– Our thorough 4-year follow-up program
– Our stove and water filter program

We always collaborate with local social work organizations. Together we help families and communities further develop themselves on to the path towards a better future.

Poverty in Guatemala

59.3% of the Guatemalan population lives in poverty, earning less than $3.10 per day. In rural and indigenous areas, this number rises to 79%. The qualitative housing deficit in Guatemala is reported at 61%. 1.54 million homes are made of inadequate materials such as sheet metal, cane, or mud. We are here to improve the lives of Guatemalans living in poverty through community development programs.

Our programs have shown a high impact with the strong results we have obtained. Learn more about the impact of our work here.

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We depend on the support of people that share our passion to build better lives in Guatemala.

You can support us by:

Volunteering on construction in Guatemala

Spreading awareness about our work

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of families used to live in overcrowded conditions with three or more people living in each room. When families received their new house, this number reduced to 7%.


of families have made improvements to their homes after the initial construction.


of families reported they feel more secure in their new house against both natural and human treats (earthquakes, weather, and delinquency).