How we work

Constru Casa is a non-profit organization improving the quality of life among Guatemalans living in extreme poverty through the provision of basic housing, support programs, and community development projects. We work to lift entire communities out of poverty though our integral community development programs which include the construction of dignified concrete block housing in combination with the construction of community buildings such as schools, clinics, orphanages, and community centers.

Working in collaboration with local social work organizations, Constru Casa continues to help families and communities further develop themselves and help them on the path towards a better future.

Impact of our work

Constru Casa has made a noticeable impact in the lives of the families and communities in which they have built. When a family receives a new house, it can mean a whole new beginning. It is a new space to grow their family with new opportunities. An impact report was collected in November of 2017 by Natalia A. Bermudez in regard to the effect that a new home and follow up program of Constru Casa has had on the receiving families and communities. She concluded that there has been a major change for many Guatemalan families through Constru Casa’s integrated approach to bettering the lives of those who are in need.

Community Development

Constru Casa works with a large focus on the entire community. Our integral programs are designed to bring a holistic and integrated approach to the development of a community. These projects are made up of a variety of types of constructions, meaning that there will be multiple housing constructions as well as the construction of community buildings. Constru Casa works alongside the community partner organizations to find the main needs of the community and be a part of the solution.

Building Houses

A Complete House 
A new constructed (complete) house is built with concrete block, a corrugated iron roof and a concrete floor. Families can choose between different types of houses, varying from one to three rooms, with or without a bathroom ranging in prices from $2,100 USD  to $6,000 USD, designed to best suit their needs. The houses are resistant to earth quakes, and climate resistant, and for this reason are considered one of the best homes for families in extreme poverty to live in; this all due to the design and the 4 year follow up program that continues after construction.

Given prices may vary depending on the current exchange rate.

Community Construction

Constru Casa also supports partner organizations through community development and construction. Community constructions are buildings with a social or communal function, often in the areas of health or education that benefit the community as a whole. This includes school buildings, libraries, day care centers, community centers, medical clinics, orphanages and recreational areas. In conjunction with community constructions we offer services ranging from initial consulting and needs assessment to the building design, construction supervision, and project management. These community centers are generally presented to Constru Casa by a partnering organization who has evaluated the need and raised the money to fund the centers. The local community and organisation’s commitment to the project is key to a successful operation.

Support Program

Four Year Follow-up Program
Our four year follow-up program is one aspect that firmly set us apart from other non-profits. We don’t believe that it is merely enough to just build a house and leave. We want to ensure that we are really creating lasting change for families and empowering Guatemalan communities. For every home we build for four years afterwards Constru Casa follows up with families in partnership with our social partner organizations.

Filters and stoves

Ecological Housing

Compared to most construction methods, Constru Casa’s homes are built in a more ecologically friendly manner. The construction method that is used by Constru Casa is quicker, safer, and material-saving.